Dec 7, 2006

addendum....when you add a little something extra...

just a few updates.....

  • just when i thought the holiday boutique couldn't get any got worse. i walked in today for my shift to find a holiday music cd playing...someone in our building actually recorded holiday music played on the piano...and wants $11 per cd for this stuff. which i realize is reasonable, except for the fact that it sounds like what your kids play at a piano recital. i'm not trying to be petty, but's not even a good arrangement - nothing fancy, just straightforward piano playing. but like i said, it's like listening to your kid play, and frankly, i'd rather give $11 to a kid for their cd.

  • the Husband's job search continues...he actually has a fourth interview scheduled for tomorrow morning...prayers, fingers crossed, candles burned, whatever you do - i would appreciate it and i know he would as well. both our lives could be a LOT less stressed if something like this new job could just work out.

i'm ready for bed. nightie, night kids.

1 comment:

Jolene George said...

That is just plain crazy!
Everything is crossed here in Arizona that your husband gets the job.