Dec 22, 2006

i'm dreaming of a Nyquil Christmas...

Oh yeah. Nothing says "Christmas" than a Nyquil Christmas.

Especially if the Husband is the one illin'.

Mind you, i am not the best of nurses. i used to be, when we first married, but according to him, he just wants to be left alone. "Come in occasionally, check that i'm still breathing, and move on," he says.

Fine. i can do that. Let me also add that Husband is also a crappy nurse. Like a lot of guys, the center of his world can sometimes end in a 6 inch radius around him. Seriously.

This guy, who can be moved to tears at the death of a co-worker, is the same guy who, last time i had the stomach flu, asked me what was for dinner.

Hey, if i'm not dead, then i can cook. Makes sense to me.

So yesterday, he complained he had a horrible headache. Then come to find out he also didn't eat but a small Cup-o-Soup.

Hello?! Diabetic Boy?! What the blankety-blank are you thinking?

It's like having a kid. Albeit a 46 year old kid.

Today...we've got the fever & chills. And still not eating. (oh excuse me, he did eat a Dream Bar. THAT'S good eats for Diabetic Boy. hey...maybe that could be my new superhero name: CrankyGirl. Look! Coming down the street! It's Diabetic Boy and CrankyGirl! He won't eat! She doesn't like you! Together, they'll suck the life outta the room!)

i have put him to bed. Along with the cat, who also has the sniffles. Mind you, i've been sick all this week. Today is the first day i've felt good.

So here's my Christmas wish list:
1) that he doesn't give it to me. Again.
2) he gets over this before Sunday. Nothing's worse than being snuffly on an airplane.

May all your Christmases be congestion free.

in other news....
* i got to move today. in case i hadn't mentioned it before, i've got a temporary assignment as the lead for the night supervisor, who's coming to days to learn the support side of my department. so i got to pack up and move to the other side of the building, along with my computer and my phone. right smack dab in the middle of two chatty cathys and across from a real Kathy who talks to herself. it's good to be me.

*i'm watching "Weird U.S." on the History channel. i LOVE this show, because they look for the offbeat, and i like offbeat. this show is spotlighting a man who couldn't throw anything away...and he kept his gallstones. dang. no wonder i thought i was dying when i had mine removed. those things are huge!! (silly me, i thought it'd be like kidney stones...small dirt-like things. these were small pebbles about the size of my pinkie nail)

* i will be MIA 12/24-12/27. we're off to Reno to share Christmas with my sister in law's family.
thankfully, there's no snow in Reno. it would really suck to be me, flying to Denver right now.

Off to check on Typhoid Harry. i've gotta do it so he doesn't know i'm doing it. Who knew i had to join the CIA to check on sick boys.


doodlebugmom said...

(((hugs))) to the nurse. IMo men are the worst patients, but he can have a ((hug)) too!

Hope you are all feeling better soon.


Melissa said...

Oh, no! (And by the way, they've changed Nyquil - not for the "stuffy head" anymore. I can't rattle off their commercial to check my symptoms now!)

Have fun on your trip, and Merry Christmas!