Dec 14, 2006

we have box.

yep, the box chock full o' Christmas goodies have arrived at the sister-in-law's.

and, already the kids are all over it like ants on a sucker.

i told her she could open the box, everything is wrapped (at great personal emotional expense to me, i might add).'s under the tree. waiting. for us.

if you have or had kids, you know what hell these children are gonna go through between now and Christmas.

it just ain't right. i remember December being the longest month & that week before Christmas being interminable. least now the kids can pass some time tracking Santa. why, back in mah day (insert lipsmacking sound here), all i could do was stand in a really long line to sit on his lap.

and cry.

the Nephew informed me tonight that he wrote a letter to the Jolly Old Elf, and cut out pictures of the gifts he wanted. i told him that was a good thing, because Santa needed pictures to help him, in case he forgot the name of the gift each kid wanted.

the Nephew laughed.
years from now, he'll be telling either his therapist or his kids about what a weirdo his Auntie was.

ah least i'll be a legend. hopefully for the memories i gave them, and not for the crazy old broad i could become wearing green plaid pants, yellow checkered top, high-top sneakers with a gawdawful hat.

eeeh. legacy is legacy.


Jen said...

Cool Santa link!!

Like ants on a sucker, OMG too funny

Allison said...

Waiting for Christmas was pure torture for me. I always wanted to open up a present on Christmas Eve, just one, but *someone* wouldn't let me! I won't mention any names though...