Dec 28, 2006

apparently, Blogger hates me.

kids, i would love to post photos, but for whatever reason, Blogger isn't allowing it.


so in the meantime, i hang out here with the Husband, snuggled under quilts, watching "Dead Like Me" season one dvds...a Christmas present from the Husband.

let's hope Blogger heals itself soon. i'd love to share some photos.

now i gotta get the Husband to decide on dinner.

life's back to normal.

**edited: apparently, Blogger does not hate me, but instead just had a little PMS (see, Linda? you WERE right!). Oh, and the fact that Husband upgraded our Internet Explorer & Blogger doesn't recognize it yet. Have to post photos when i log in to Mozilla Firefox. Sigh.**


Melissa said...

Normal is good - especially this time of the year, when things calm down a little!

doodlebugmom said...

i think blogger has pms

Melissa said...

I SO do not want to become one of those people who is disenchanted with blogger and defects to wordpress! (Although, the do seem to have prettier templates.)

andie said...

I LOVE dead Like Me!!!!