Dec 17, 2006

well, it didn't take long for me to find my happy place, did it?

just like most So. Californians - we're all on TV or in the movies, see stars every day, are all blond, have had plastic surgery and/or botox, and are shallow & self absorbed.

what - you didn't know?

oh but wait. i've once again hijacked the digression train.

in all of my years on this planet, i always dreamed of being on the cover of Time...mostly because i wrote the Great American Novel. now, apparently i've made it.

(insert visual of Mary Tyler Moore tossing her hat up in the air)

but apparently, kids, you, me, everyone who blogs, who has a page on MySpace, who posts a short movie about their hairless iguana on YouTube, well - we are the ones featured on the cover of Time this week.

which is kinda cool.

although, as a shallow, self-absorbed non-blond plastic surgery virgin who has been on TV, but not the movies and has actually met some celebrities, well, i'd rather be on the cover by myself.


but it's all good. i can't think of anyone else i'd rather share this honor with than you.


Susie Q said... just have a wonderful way with words..
What do you mean you are not
blonde and botoxed...AND you say you live in SCal?? Not possible!!
*laugh* I lived in San Diego for 2 years and was in LA a lot. I KNOW what you mean and the way people perceive it to be. But, at least, you HAVE been on TV and met celebrities! Gee wiz...were they blonde and botoxed?? : )

I am so sorry about that accident,gee. I can't say it WAS an accident can I? Why do people do this? Drinking anything and driving is a recipe for trouble. I know several people who have lost loved ones because of it.


Allison said...

Ooo... I have a blog & a myspace... is that double the points? lol.

Coleen said...

Wow! Thanks for letting me know I am on the cover of TIME. I knew I'd make it someday. I mean, isn't it obvious that a working, married mom, with a crafty blog would be the envy of the Western world? Well I knew it anyway.

Melissa said...

Just another great thing to come out of the worlds of YouTube and blogs!

Doug Bagley said...

Hey, it's great to share the honor with you and all other blogger friends out there.
My question is, what do I get out of it? Will it help me get my blog published in book form? NOT! LOL.
I think Time played it safe and stroked our egos, so I'm not sure how I feel about their choice for person of the year, but that's just the synical side of me : )

By the way, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all other politically correct holiday phrases.