Dec 30, 2006

that was the year that was

i had this grand idea to make a post of a year in review.

then i got soooo bored reading about my life that i trashed it.

so instead, here's what i'm grateful for:

  • my marriage. it ain't perfect, but it is a work in progress
  • my job. again, it ain't perfect, but i'm grateful for one
  • all my blessings. a car, books, computer, the internet, a camera...of course it's not necessary to run a life, but it sure does make it more entertaining
  • the fact that i eat too much. not that i do, but that i have the ability to buy & cook food. i don't have to rely on soup kitchens, or trash cans. (besides, there's Weight Watchers, which we're joining after tomorrow.)
  • for modern medicine. if it weren't for that, i would probably still be on pain killers with a back that would just get worse
  • i'm so thankful for the friendships i've made here. you girls (and guys) offer me strength, laughter and most importantly your friendship & love.

let's make a date for next year: either your place or mine. i'll bring the chex mix.

happy 2007!


Susie Q said...! I love Chex Mix. : )
I will have the Killer Brownies made..
I love your list...just a perfect one. You have such a great perspective and clear head to say what is right and true.
So glad we *met* this year!
Have a wonderful, blessed New Year Valerie.

Jolene George said...

Great blessing to be counting Valerie. I know that I'm very grateful for your friendship too!
Happy New Year!!!

doodlebugmom said...

You are the best Valerie..your blog, your emails, the hallmark ornament, and your friendship and "listening ear" when I need to vent. All the best to you in 2007!