Dec 16, 2006


after working my bum off yesterday @ work (our department had it's Christmas lunch & white elephant gift exchange)- setting up tables, the food, serving, cleaning up...then last night a dinner group i play with had our white elephant & real gift exchange.

by the way...nothing says Christmas like two New Kids on the Block concert videos, plus an Angela Lansbury exercise video.

but in between work & the party, was some serious shopping.

first, it was off to the Dollar Tree. i had the bright idea to give my brother in law a family Christmas gift, and had seen some VERY cute mugs...white with red snowflakes. so my idea was to put a basket together with mugs, cocoa mix, popcorn, Kisses and sour worms and some gift cards for the video store.
(by the way - i got an email from BIL, listing off some DVDs the kids want. even better. now i don't have to worry about which store is closest to him.)

next to my Dollar Tree is Kohl's. off i went.

hey - what are all these people doing here? you'd think it was...some kind of holiday. a huge, outta control gift-giving holiday. like...Guy Fawkes day.

wait...what? Christmas? oh crud. well, that explains all the happy smiling faces in the store, looking oh, so happy to be there. oh, and the people!
people stopping to let others pass by in a narrow aisle. people talking on their cellphones without using a certain f-word. people who...

oh forget it. it sucked.

but, my intention, if possible, was to finish shopping for the Husband before the weekend struck. i did not want to be near a store this weekend, if possible...and all i had was a bag of socks and a John Gresham book.

not good.

even worse...i had no idea what else to get him. the few ideas i did have, i gave to my mom & sister in law. what the heck.

but at Kohl's, at least i found Docker a 29'' length. do you know how hard that is? bloody short legged husband. so here comes four pairs, along with a couple of nice shirts.

thanks be.

oh, but the entertainment factor doesn't end there. standing in line for the checkout, the line stretched almost back to the other end of the store. and behind me in line was a woman talking on her cellphone.

such novelty!

but this chick was talking to someone, and quietly dropping the f-bomb. as in, "no. (pause) it is my money. (pause) go ask a judge (pause. pause. pause). you do not do sh*t around here, and you do not deserve any of it.(pause. hey, i think - this is good stuff) why? you break rules. you eff up daily. (pause) go ask a judge. it is my money. (pause. pause) don't call me again."

this went on the entire time i stood in line.

ah, the Season of Magic. it's all around us. but at least i got my shopping done.


Allison said...

I went shopping last Saturday, and that was pretty much the stupidest thing I could have ever done... lol.
I'm waiting to go home before I do the rest of my shopping.

Coleen said...

OMG!!!!!! An ANgela Lansbury workout video???? WHere do I sign up!!! WOnder if I am a good girl all year if Santa will bring me one next year! Oh, I am giddy with anticipation.

But seriously- that scares me.