Jan 12, 2007

perfection? never.

trust me.

there's so much less to me that meets the eye.

but, i also think that most of us, see ourselves in a very jaded way. we never see ourselves the way others do (which can be a good thing, i'm sure). we don't see how many ways we bless the lives and hearts of those we come in contact with every day.

thus ends the sentimental posting.

i, kids, am so far from perfect. i can readily list all of my faults. but i don't want to bore you.
so let's make this interesting (and perhaps will oust some lurkers?): post in comments something you can't do, that most everyone else can.

allow me to begin. and no laughing.
1) i can't rollerskate. one of my many memories is being in 10th grade at a honor club function. at a roller rink. shoot.me.now. i spent most of the time propelling myself off the wall, scooting around and around and around the rink. painful to watch.
2) i can't swim. but i am the best dang dogpaddler in California. 'nuff said.
3) i can't cook hamburgers. nope. nada. Fatburger & In'n'Out were created to keep me from having to cook hamburgers. mine are burned on the outside, cold & pink on the inside. yum-o.

your turn. what can't you do that everyone else can?


Pat said...

Ok - I'll play!
1- I can't whistle. Never could, that old movie line that says "just pucker up and blow"..not true, my lips just flap in the breeze and make no sound whatsoever (except maybe a raspberry type noise, which is just rude!)
2- I've lived in Utah all my life (greatest snow on earth) can't ski. Just fall flat on my face, and it's not safe to eat snow anymore.
3- can't bend over to put my socks on - nope, those days are gone forever!
I could go on and on....!
(and don't feel bad - I can't swim either!)

Melissa said...

I also can't whistle! I get so tired of people telling me how easy it is. I think some people just weren't made to whistle.

Of course, my dad can whistle, but can't snap. So that's one thing I can do that he can't.