Jan 1, 2007

my shining moment

per request..here is what truly is a shining moment in what could be the ultimate in April Fool's.
feel free to use!

the year: 1998. the place: my company. the date: March 30th.

i don't remember what inspired me to coheres my friend into this grand scheme, but let me tell you, it still was the bestest laugh EVAH!

at the end of the row of cubicles where my work group sat was a new fax machine. in our department we also had a new supervisor who rather thought his poo didn't stink (sad to say, he's no longer a supervisor, but still thinks his poo is a rare and fragile flower.)
i had a set of small stereo speakers, purchased to be used with my portable CD player, and they were always in my bottom desk drawer.

it's a trifecta for comedy.

March 30th, we typed up a notice and attached it to the fax machine:
ATTENTION: As of April 1st, 1998, this fax machine will be equipped with VRS - Voice Recognition Software. After this installation, you will be able to speak the pre-programmed sales division number and your fax will be processed.

March 31 - we took the small speaker, and mounted it to the top of the fax machine. i ran the wire along the side, and tucked it in the back of the machine, so it looked like it was wired into the system.

April 1 - snicker.
early in the morning, one of the girls in our group, who had been off the last two days, came over to fax. she snorted as she read it - "i SO do not have time for this" and proceeded to fax the "old fashioned" way. "Come on, Karen," i said, trying hard not to giggle, "you don't even have to select the division...just say the name! How cool is that?"

she just snorted again & walked off.

it was a slow fax day. bummer. then, after lunch, the new supervisor came by to do some faxing.
my friend, my supervisor and myself all held our breaths.

he read the "notice." he turned around to us and said something about how cool that was. then, turning back to the fax, he leaned forward to the speaker...

time stood still.

"division 39." he said.

my supervisor buried her head on her desk. my girlfriend couldn't look at anyone. i was crying.

our patsy..er, victim, paused - puzzled. then he leaned in again and enunciated oh so clearly and loudly "DI-VIS-ION THIR-TY NI-NE!"

on of us snickered. i don't remember who. all i can tell you is that the three of us were sobbing. mascara flowing as freely as the air through the trees. our victim turned and had a look that could probably kill (did i also mention he had no sense of humor about himself). i'm sure he made some sarcastic comment, but none of us could hear, we were sobbing with glee.

i still look back at one of my finest accomplishments. i've never tried to duplicate it..but i think about it often. and would love to do it again.

perhaps some day...


Melissa said...

That is priceless!

And, it's giving me ideas . . .

Cynthia said...

You sick, hilarious puppy! Are you an Office fan?

Valerie said...

can't say that i've watched it...Husband & i tried to once, but couldn't get into the show.