Jan 27, 2007


this is gonna be my most favorite day EVAH!

January 27 - chocolate cake day

(i would've inserted a clip art of a chocolate cake, but i couldn't find one i liked that was free.
what can i say...i'm cheap)

i shall celebrate by worshipping at the Altar of the Blessed Cocoa.


Pat said...

Oh, man! Don't tell me I missed this one! It's almost bedtime and not a chocolate cake mix in the house!
...It's almost like forgetting to shop for Christmas!
Eat a second slice for me!

Melissa said...

How did I go through this whole day and not know this? Huh?

The closest I got was a piece of sub-standard white cake at a bridal shower. The outside of the cake was a little, shall we say, "well done." Yuck.

Susie Q said...

Hmmmmm...chocolate cake....hmmmmm....it's so chocolatey cakey....now I have such a crving for it and it is 12:30am. Do you think it would be odd if I went down and started baking a cake? Nah....who needs sleep? Me needs chocolatey cakey....
Have great Sunday sweet Valerie.
Love and hugs,