Jan 14, 2007

another one of life's mysteries solved.

ah yes. another lazy Sunday morning.

in someone else's world.

in my world, it involves going to the laundromat at 6am. doing laundry until 8 (two weeks worth - it SUCKS!), then off to the grocery store. i have a craving for some homemade split pea soup (the other stuff i will not eat) and a pot roast.

(note: it's gonna take me a little time to get used to cooking.every.night.)

and supplies for Bunco on Tuesday.

bunco, in case you've never heard of it, is a dice game. we have three tables, with four at each table, and your partner is whomever sits across from you. you each take turns tossing three dice. as long as you keep rolling the current number (starts @ one, goes through 6), you keep playing. if you don't, you pass the dice. if you roll three of a kind of the number you're playing for, it's a bunco, and worth 21 points.

we also chip in $5/ea. and at the end of the game (we play 5 rounds, 1-6), pay off for Most Buncos, Most Wins and even Most Losses.

unlike real life, even coming in last pays.

so, i'm hosting, and part of the hostess's job is having snackies. a few on each table and a couple "big" snacks, like chips & salsa, or my favorite: chili sauce and cream cheese.

assuming, of course, that you can find the chili sauce.

now it's not spicy. it's a little sweet, almost ketchupy...but not as thick. your pour it over a block of cream cheese & serve with Wheat Thins or Triscuts (my favorite). another one i like is jalapeno jelly over cream cheese. (but the problem is the bestest jelly is made by Knott's, and it's hard to find in the grocery store. now, i could just walk across the street to Knott's but IT'S TOO DANG COLD!)

now it's just a matter of trying to find the bloody stuff.

it's not in the canned chili section. not with the salsas. myself and a boxlad went searching over two different aisles trying to find the dang bottle.

remember how i said it's almost ketchupy? well, that's where Albertson's stocks it. in the ketchup aisle.

that was too easy.

so, the fat pig went to market, then home again jiggidy jig.

meanwhile...here in mostly smoggy southern California, it's colderna witch's ta-ta. right now, it's 10:13 and it's 42 degrees. that, for us, is friggin' cold, Mr. Bigglesworth.

now i realize i am not about to get ANY sympathy from my friends who live in Cold Winter states. heck, i didn't even get any from my sister in law when we chatted lst on the phone.

she lives in Reno.


well, a baby who at least found her chili sauce.


Coleen said...

Funny my husband has been going on about chilli sauce lately as well. I haven't had it in years and all the sudden I mentioned it would be great on top of meatloaf. Ever since then we've wanted it too. Think we can find it in our store? I'll have to see.

Steff said...

Cold seems to be the theme of the day...everywhere!

I love Bunco! I had a group that I played with before I moved away. Sometimes, getting together with friends and playing a game is just what we need to keep our sanity. Have fun!

doodlebugmom said...

My grandma used to make chili sauce, and I have never even tried it.

We are finally getting snow...my youngest is thrilled. I am a little nervous. But its really nice to have the icky dead brown grass covered.


so did it work this time??