Jan 10, 2007

bad blogger! no cookie!!

i realize i'm a bad blogger.
i have tons of excuses, but not a one is as good as it could be.
nothing like, "a 747 fell on my computer." or, "my horoscope said to not share with others."
or even my cat ate my mojo.


it's been crazy around here - and i have no none to blame but myself. i've been the acting supervisor at my new temporary department.
the group may be temporary, but the people are permanently insane.

for example: we have one contractor from a South American country - she's lived here for almost 30 years, but kids, this girl can rrrrrrrrrolllllllll her rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr's like you would not believe. today, as i filed their work, i turned in time to be blinded.

and not by her beauty.

she has a new light she brought from home to use at her desk. you could get a tan from this light.
hell - i now have color, and i'm as white as a sheet of paper.
she says it's because she has a hard time reading proofs. i say get your eyes checked then.

hmmm. imagine that. i'm a smart ass.

i'm so ready for a couple o' days off.

and to make me even sadder...CHA is going on this weekend, practically in my back yard, and i can't go! why? because i don't belong to any of the organizations i could to be able to attend.

'sides, it would just be cruel to me. lookit all the neato-bosso cool things coming out that i can't get yet. it's not fair, i tells ya.


Husband's new job, in a way, hasn't started yet. he's still being trained on company procedures, software, etc. it's kinda sounding like this company is looking to redesign their mail processes, and are looking at B to do that. he came home yesterday feeling a little overwhelmed.

the lad will do just fine, thank you very much. direct mail is his life. kissing him is like licking a stamp.

only, not as distasteful.

once again, i've gone all over the highway. time to snooze on the sofa while Husband watches "Grumpy Old Men."

two more days. only two more days...


Susie Q said...

Oh Valerie...even when you are a bit down your incredible sense of humor shines through! I am on a HIGE downer today and yet, YOU made me laugh. Thanks for that you gorgeous girl you.

All will be fine...just wear sunglasses and keep telling yourself...2 more days...2 more days...

Hugs aplenty,

andie said...

i tried to tell the attendance lady once when i was in HS, "I couldn't come in yeasterday bc my horoscope told me not too" she exused my absence bc i had a creative exusse!

Pat said...

...not a bad blogger - if I don't check in every day, I'm 6 posts behind! (and I do love reading your posts - you make me smile too!)