Jan 29, 2007

file this under the "Serves Me Right" file...

for whatever reason..i've had an urge to cook.

not dinner. i'm already tired of cooking every.bloody.night. lately i've been all about baking and stuff like that.

so in honor of chocolate cake day, i decided to go looking for a from scratch chocolate cake recipe...and found one that uses buttermilk.


one of the instructions was to add a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of buttermilk, then let it rest in a warm spot. so i added. and stirred. and licked the fork after mixing.

can we say nasty?

i love buttermilk. it's soul food from the other Land of My People ( i have two lands: Oregon[my mom] and Missouri [my grandmother]. but buttermilk and baking soda? bleah.

so what have we learned today?
  1. snacking is wrong.
  2. buttermilk chocolate cake is good.
  3. snacking while cooking is wrong, but snacking after cooking is A-OK joe.

in other news...

for those of you who have asked, i thank you, and yes, he's still sick. he actually called his doctor and has an appointment Wednesday. (my mom has it as well...lucky her)all i can say is that if his doctor doesn't give him a prescription for super-ultra-heavy-duty cough syrup, i may either be a widow or divorced. the Boy has a cough that is so horrible, it makes me want to hurl.

keeping my fingers crossed that he heals quick. before i have to move out.

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doodlebugmom said...

save a piece for me.