Jul 26, 2007

a mystery of life.

here's something i just do not get.

not global warming.
not i-phone.
not even Lindsay or Paris.


here's what i mean. i don't get how it can be when, on TV or movies or whatever, that right after a love scene (you know what i'm talkin' 'bout), when they cut to the next morning, the she in the he/she equation, wakes up the next morning with still-perfect hair, creamy skin, and looking like she just got out of the makeup chair.

which she did.

hell - these chicas often look better than they did the scene before, when the ravages of lust were taking their toll on their faces. and other places.

while i, in the real world, woke up this a.m. with one side of my hair STANDING STRAIGHT UP. mascara formed a map of the Continental United States under the eye opposite my scared straight hair. AND just to make it more fun was the zit forming, right where Washington DC would be.

not to mention the dried track marks of drool down my chin and neck.


all i can say is it's a damn good thing i got up before Brendan did. it might scare him enough to start wearing his sleep mask again, just to avoid that waking nightmare.


Mary Ann said...

i totally hear you on this one! just last night as we were watching some re-run, i commented how perfect her hair was, and how new her makeup job was. then proceded to notice that her hair was parted on a different side "before" than it was "afer". (yep, i verified this by rewinding the tivo)

doodlebugmom said...

going for the Don King look eh?

looks marvelous darlin'!

chlorinejenny said...

Boy, I just can't relate. I wake up perfectly coiffed every day. (ha!)

chlorinejenny said...

you don't have to put this in your comments, but you spelled chlorinejenny wrong in your blogroll! But, thanks for putting me there!

Anonymous said...

ok, what bugs me more ... and this is sick so if you need to erase this comment, I completely understand, but ... how come, after they are done doing the deed, that they never get up and clean themselves up? They turn around and go to sleep. Can I just say ... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

That, and the make-up/hair thing really bothers me. They never have those sleep marks from the sheets on their arms either. Their clothes are never wrinkled. Hell, they look better after sleep than I look on a normal day!

Allison said...

I think I look the same when I wake up... probably because I didn't look that great going to bed in the first place! lmao.

Susie Q said...

I am always perfect. Morning, noon and night. I wake up fresh as a daisy, with every hair on place and my make up, mysteriously, in place. Not that I NEED make up you understand. I have such a flawless and dewy complexion don't you know....I am also in complete denial.

I think you are just lovely every second of the day. Hmpf. I do.

Love ya,