Jul 4, 2007

my bad.

bad wife.

bad blogger.

no cookie.
it occurred to me, while i was downloading 240 photos from my camera, that i neglected to post pictures from Brendan's birthday par-tay.


so. direct from the Old Spaghetti Factory in Fullerton, CA, it's Brendan's birthday!!

here's Brendan's best friend Jason. Brendan is holding Cole, Kristie's boyo.

my parents. ain't they cute?

speaking of cute: miss J & uncle B.

dang her. she gets prettier every.dang.day.

and here's the birthday boy with his present from Kristie & the kids: his very own scooter.
(remember our trip to the ER a few years ago?)
it's wrong.
very wrong.
but incredibly funny!!
yep. it's the never-ending birthday.


chlorinejenny said...

I love pictures.

I should update my Flickr as well.

I've been quite lazy this summer!

Hope you are having a very nice July 4th!

doodlebugmom said...

Ok, I forgive you for not posting sooner! But just this once! lol

Looks like a fun time. I dont recall the ER story...I will have to look more later!

Melissa said...

Good thing he got the helmet too!