Jul 12, 2007

courtesy from Linda...

my dear Linda had this on her little corner of the internet today...and, like her, i'd never seen it before, so i'm going to give it a whirl.

10 Great Memories from Your Childhood

1) going with my uncle to AAA league games growing up in Long Beach. just a great daughter-daddy time that made growing up less uggy.

2) back to my uncle...again. i would walk every.damn.day. a little over a quarter of a mile, crossing a major street to meet him as he took the bus home from work. i was probably about four or five. heck, i wouldn't even let the four year old niece cross the back yard now without watching her.

3) getting letters from pen-pals when i was about 9 or 10. i had joined the Pioneer Girls @ church, and signed up for their pen-pal program. i got about a gazillion letters. and tried to answer every bloody one. (i thought it would be good practice for when i became a World Famous Author and would have to answer all that fan mail)

4) being Queen of the Circus. i know i've talked about it before, but it really was the first time i ever won anything.
and i met Mel Torme. niiiiice.

5) my first kiss. i was 15. he knew i'd never been kissed and said i just looked kissable. i did have a little bit of a crush, so it was pretty sweet.

6) ditto the only time a guy i really, really, really liked stroked my hair, coming home from a Dodgers game. i thought my life could not get any better.

7) at 17, i was named to the Editorial Staff for the Pot of Gold, the state newspaper for California Rainbow Girls. holy crap. my name got announced in front of a few thousand screaming hormonal teenage girls. the other girls in my assembly jumped on me. i never even heard my name. i just started crying.

8) finally getting a part in a school play. then it turned on me because i got total stage fright. niiiice.

9) bringing my favorite doll (who was as tall as i was) to Sunday School...and getting into arguments with the Sunday school teacher who insisted my doll wasn't a real person.
lesson learned? never tell a child that imagination is wrong.

10) not exactly a childhood memory, but finding toys i loved as a kid on eBay, bidding and winning brings back some killer memories. even though i can't give them to kids of our own, i plan on giving to Miss Erin when she gets older...and play with them and her.

there's mine. where's yours?


Jolene George said...

Oh how I loved hearing some of your childhood memories.

elle said...

OOOOOO great idea. I'm stealing it! Or perhaps I should ask if I can steal it. Can I ? Pretty please?

One of my uncles is involved in my fav childhood memory too.
And that Sunday school teacher should be smacked! That kinda stuff really ticks me off!

Oh and btw as per your comments at my place........ Truth or Consequences is one weird name for a town, but we have some wacky ones up here....like Moose Jaw and Sicamouse...which is pronounced Sick A Moose. Apparently...we like our moose! Though I think more than one should be "meese"!

doodlebugmom said...

Wasn't that fun? I never thought about toys, I didnt have many. But I had a Chrissy doll. She had red hair and a button for her belly button, you could make her hair longer. Way cool. Oh and Barbies,mostly I played with my brothers.