Jul 25, 2007

PSAs a-plenty.

just some things i found while tripping 'long the 'net.

August 9th is Blizzard Miracle day. go to Dairy Queen and buy a Blizzard. or two. or more. buy 'em and give 'em away. every single penny of the proceeds goes to the Children's' Miracle Network. here for more info.

more ideas for boxes for Chad, or any other brave solder away from the people they love.

  • travel shampoos
  • deodorant
  • toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, floss
  • foot powder
  • lip balm
  • lotion
  • razor blades
  • magazines
  • playing cards (like UNO)
  • crossword puzzle books
  • AA batteries
  • note pads & pens
  • bug spray (w/ over 20% DEET, but not 100%)
  • sunblock
  • moist towelettes (baby wipes - i say get the ones for sensitive skin, in case some have a sensitivity to the scents
  • paperback books
  • rice krispy treats
  • twizzlers
  • hard candy
  • granola bars
  • tuna packs
  • beef jerky
  • cup-a-noodles/cup-a-soup
  • cookies
  • dried fruit

and, if you live in the southern part of Mostly Smoggy So. Cal, Ever After scrapbook stores is also collecting items and will ship for you...you can even donate cash to buy items and help contribute to shipping. email me if you want more info on that.

in other news...

my boss was back today after being out for two days ill. he says he still feels like crap. he did go to the doctor where they took blood, vampires that they are. of course, Dr. Random Thoughts has a diagnosis: TAKE A FREAKING LUNCH BREAK.

no, he never takes a lunch. no, he doesn't even eat at his desk. he will, however, eat a bag of chips and some cookies and call it food.

wrong. wrong. wrong.

now granted, i will admit that with my plus-size ass, i have rarely missed meals. but, after living with Diabetic Mom and Diabetic Boy, i do know this: regular meals = level blood sugar. level blood sugar = happy body. no crankiness (hey! maybe that's my problem!) and no exhaustion - energy to burn. karmas level. the moon in the 7th house, Jupiter aligns with Mars. blah, blah, blah.

so - we'll see what happens. i was accused (lovingly, i'm sure) of being a nagging mom. well if i can't have my own to nag, by george i'll nag someone else's kids. (nooooooo, Linda...i'm not talking about Allie....nooooooo)

for my last PSA - here it is: i have laundry to fold.

please help. give generously.


Melissa said...

You know that person, the one who "forgets" to eat?

Yeah. That would NOT be me.

Maybe your boss is "forgetting." Or maybe he just thinks he's to busy for a real meal. And he needs a Mama to make him sit and eat a little something.

And a valium.

Anonymous said...

That person that doesn't eat ... well, that's me. Not because I am trying to lose weight, but because I get so busy that I forget and then by the time I can eat, I can't because it's almost dinner time. One would think I'm a skinny mini, however, I've successfully retarded my metabolism (my doctor's words, not mine) and I hold on to everything I eat and therefore am gaining. If I keep going at the rate I am, I'll be 200 lbs. before year's end. Damn hysterectomy!

doodlebugmom said...

Feel free to nag my daughter.

Nagging is not a bad thing, and it they had done what we told them in the first place there would be no need. Am I right?

You know when I was growing up, other peoples mom's could cast the evil-mom-eye on any kid. It takes a village ya know.

I would never go anything bad in front of someone else's mom, or grandma! Because if they didn't give me the evil eye, they would call my mom!

Susie Q said...

I actually have a friend who is one of those *I forgot to eat* people. I Hate her. *grin*
Me? I remember to eat for 10 people.