Jul 5, 2007

y'know what's good?

well, good for me, anyway.

i'm sitting here, dinner is cooked (just needs to be reheated).
and although the work blows BIG time right now, i'm watching a Travel Channel special on DisneyWorld (wishing we were back there) and enjoying a deelish glass or two of Rodney Strong's Sauvignon Blanc.

Rodney, btw, owns a winery up in northern California that Brendan remembered from when he lived up in Santa Rosa. when we went up there a few years ago we came home with a case of wine from all different wineries there.

and speaking of wineries - as well as places to relax...

over at Disney's California Adventure in Disneyland, they have a wine pavilion. you can have dinner, dinners paired with wines, learn about wine and how the grapes grow (complete with real.live.vines). you can even (my favorite) get a snack of fruit, cheese & crackers with a couple of glasses of liquid love, and, sit up on the balcony and watch the Electrical Parade.

that's my idea of dealing with crowds.

and it's good.

p.s. - i would've posted a photo of me enjoying my glass, but the one i took...well...i really looked like a psycho. so never mind.


elle said...

We have great wineries here in the Okanagan Valley in BC...or so I have been told. I don't drink wine but my friends swear its good stuff!

doodlebugmom said...

We even have a little winery near us...and you can email me the picture. :D

Susie Q said...

That sounds good...love a great winery. We had such a blast touring the ones in CA back in the late 90s.

Hey! Did you see your Rockin' Girl award on my site??

I wish I could pop out your way and meet you for a little dinner and wine at that park. Maybe next year??

Love ya,