Jul 3, 2007

ah, the theater.

i do so love the theater.

the Husband, ehhhh-not so much.

one year for Christmas, he bought tickets to see The Producers, when it was here in L.A.

he fell asleep.

he said it was because he didn't feel good. then, it was because it was so hot in the theater.

whatever. i dang near peed myself laughing at them.

even as a young minon, i would go with my mom, and friends, and whoever i could get to, to go to Long Beach Civic Light Opera, or other local theaters.

and being partial to musicals, well...that is just the icing on the cake.

and my best girl, Kristie, saw Wicked last night. in NYC.
again, i'm not bitter.

but it just reminded me of different plays i've seen: Mame. the King and I and others. just good entertainment.

and i dug every one of em.

most productions i saw were amatures, but there were some celebrities.
Belinda Carlisle (from the Go-Gos) and Barry Williams (YES. Greg Brady) together. in Grease.


and my favorite one: Cinderella.

Rogers & Hammerstein. not Disney. not that i have anything against the Mouse, but this is just so classic...i remember seeing it on TV in black and white with Leslie Ann Warren - *sigh*
so, in my 20s, when we had the chance to see Cinderella in Long Beach, Mom & i jumped at it.

this production only had one celebrity in it. Greg Louganis.

did you know he could act? apparently neither did he.

i know. that was catty and mean. but i swear, this had to be the very first time he ever stepped out on a stage. without rehearsals. poor guy forgot more than half his lines, and since he couldn't sing, period, he did a Rex Harrison and sang/spoke through his songs.

think William Shatner singing his version of "Rocket Man." you'll get the idea.

but it didn't turn me off. i still love musical theater. still want to see Wicked.

still think Greg shouldn't act. stick to swimming, my friend. you truly rock at that.


elle said...

I started drooling somewhere around the mention of Barry Williams. A reflexive response from childhood fantasies no doubt.
I recovered with the mention of Greg Louganis.
He wasn't wearing his speedo on stage was he? Because that would be very VEEEEEEEEEERY wrong

Allison said...

Ahh... I saw the King & I... I loved it! I like theater too... there's an outdoor one in the area and my English class we went to see MacBeth... and then I went back with friends and saw the Merry Wives of Windsor (most HILARIOUS thing I have ever seen... and on closing night, made it even better!).
Plus, La Crosse has an amazing theater program, YEAH STUDENT DISCOUNT! lol.

Anonymous said...

I've seen Wicked here at the OC Performing Arts, however, my dd and I have tickets to see Wicked on July 14th and the Pantages in Los Angeles!

She's super excited; already has the entire song list memorized!

Susie Q said...

Oh my but I do not like musicals at all. Nope. Not me. Nope...um...just because I can sing the scores to every musical ever written does not prove a thing!

Ooh..Wicked in NYC! I am not envious at all either. Nope. Not me. AAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH.....

Greg L?? DID he have that Speedo on? Now that would be entertainment.

Didja see the post on my blog where I named you as a Rockin' Blog Chick??

Go see...

Love ya,

Melissa said...

Jason and I both enjoy theater, and had these grand illusions of attending events after we got married (theater, ballet, symphony, etc.)

Unfortunately, time and finance intervened. So we settle for the occasional free concert at the local community college.

We take what we can get!