Jul 9, 2007

and the award goes to...

betcha thought i wasn't gonna hand this out, didn't you?

well, you were right. i wasn't gonna.

i kinda felt like it was choosing which of my kids i love the most. but since we don't have kids, i put on my Big Girl panties. i sucked it up.
so with no further ado....
but did i tell you about the blisters on Husband's hand? i did? sorry.
so, the Rockin' Girl Blogger goes to...
oooh! Alton Brown is making ice cream right now. he's sooooo smart. i wish i could cook like him.
what? oh. sorry. i'm a little distracted tonight.
seriously. here we go.
april. she's a redhead. she loves her pups, her husband and the Sox. (well, no one's perfect. gooooo Padres!) we have bitched at each other over men, life and other things i won't go in to. she rocks.
allie. my favorite college student. chickie - you're the the other best thing about meeting your mom. and it will happen honey...you know what i mean.
becky. she loves her four footed friends as much i love mine. plus she's almost as sarcastic as i am. seriously.
linda. heck. i think you were my very first reader. i'm pretty sure you were my first comment.
not only that, she lives on a farm, which is a novelty for this here city gal. and she loves cheese!! i'm confident she & i will spearhead an effort to make cheese the fifth food group.
jolene. you may not think you rock, but you do. you have the biggest heart and well...dang. you rock. your family, i hope, realizes what a treasure you really are. i know i do.
cyn. my second favorite coconut (sorry, honey, my friend at work came first!) - what's not to love about a girl in the healing profession, a nurse by trade, who can dance on a pole?
oh wait. i wasn't supposed to mention that, was i? my bad.
melissa. my favorite southern belle. you have, without a doubt, the coolest job (only because i wanted to do that, too), and the cutest red head kiddo ever. just believe in your own abilities. i do.
jacquie. first off, she also lives in Mostly Smoggy So. Cal. secondly, she makes me laugh. thirdly, she said she'd "break some body part" if i didn't.
ok. i lied about that last one.
seriously - sometimes when we chat, it occurs to both of us that we are really, really alike.
like, scary alike. and i hope this makes up for not telling her about the Sizzix warehouse sale.
so there you go. heck, i seriously could nominate everyone on my "must read" list.
except the boys. because boys don't want a pink rockin' girl logo on their blog.
or do they??
Kenny? Doug?? Jeff?? wanna be honorary girls?
it's like going to Sweden. without the commitment. no?
sassy, ain't i? see what Midol and a nap will do for a girl?
thanks to all of you who make my day brighter. every day.


Kenny said...

Hmmmm. I think I'll take a pass for the honorary girl thing but I do appreciate the consideration. And now I've got a whole bunch more blogs to add to my list! Thanks!

chlorinejenny said...

Thanks for all the new links to look at. Realy nice write ups.

Allison said...

Hey! My link doesn't work. Maybe it's just me... lol.

Thank you :)

And it will happen. I just gotta quit being so gosh-darn impatient!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I just saw this. You crack me up. I might consider this repayment for NOT telling me about the Sizzix sale, but I'm still debating!

Thanks chica! You rock!

Melissa said...

Aww, thanks! As for the coolest job ever, how's about getting awakened at 5:30 a.m. today because one of your pages wasn't right? Because that's what happened to me - and I had to fix someone else's page too. Guess it's beause they know I live closest to the office!

And you are my favorite resident of Slightly Smoggy So-Cal!

Thanks again!