Jul 6, 2007

oh, pishtosh.

as Jax, or any other Mostly Smoggy So.Cal. resident will testify to, there's some really *ahem* beachin' reasons we love living here.

sorry. it had to be said.

anywhoooooooo -

there are good reasons: the weather (most of the time), really close beaches and mountains, killer mexican food...Disneyland.

then there's the smog, the traffic, Disneyland, and grocery store strikes.

yes, for the second time in recent history, the Big Three are likely going out on strike.

doesn't that sound like fun?

we have Ralphs(owned by Krogers), Vons & Albertsons, Stater Bros. then there's a few independent stores. right now, it looks like Raphos, Vons & Albertsons are going out.

there's been no contract since April. and it looks like it's going to happen soon.

this happened before. the year we did our road trip to northern California, they had been on strike before, during AND after we came home.
141 days.

doesn't that sound like fun?!

not a big fan of Stater Bros. Trader Joe's is a fun and much better option. it just involves driving, and while we do a lot of that here, driving with groceries ain't fun.

but it could be worse...the bus drivers here could go on strike, too.


never mind.


Anonymous said...

My g/f that works for Ralphs is sure it isn't going to happen, but, I'm not so sure! I remember that three years ago when it was 4 months of no groceries anywhere but Target and Trader Joes. I'm not a big fan of Trader Joes either. Too expensive and not as great as everyone leads on that it is. But, that's in my opinion.

Thanks for highlighting my blog chica! And yes, I'll attest to the fact that it's hot here and beachin' and smoggy...BUT WE DO HAVE DISNEYLAND ... and you all don't! lol


elle said...

OK this is a glimpse into how my weird mind works....I started salivating at the mention of Mexican food (mmm yum) got a little quesy at the thought of Disneyland because Im a ride wimp...and started humming YOHOHO its a pirates life for me at when I got to the part about trader joes. Why that made me think pirates...I have no freakin idea! I think I need sleep.
Grocery store strikes. I've never heard of that before. And I thought people went out on strike in every conceivable occupation in BC because we are a striking kinda province..but thus far, grocery stores haven't been one of them. Thank goodness because I hate grocery shopping at the best of times, I can only imagine how nutty I would get if it became more of a chore!

chlorinejenny said...

I have a friend who works at Disneyland! How's that?

I was stuck in Toronto during a garbage strike a few years ago. It was horrible. Imagine it being 100 degrees with 100% humidity, smog so thick you you can't see the sky, and a city of 3 million peoples garbage sitting there rotting and stinking away!

Melissa said...

Wow - we only have two stores in Senatobia (Super WalMart and a family-owned store called Kaye's.) If we had a strike, I'd have to drive out of the county to get food.

Oh, wait a minute - there's an ittty bitty Piggly Wiggly about 10 minutes down the road in the other town.

Nevermind. I'd still drive out of the county.