Jul 13, 2007

it's Friday, so someone must DIE.

no reason. just because it's Friday.

tomorrow is our 9th annual after a six year hiatus beach party.
believe me when i tell you that D-Day's invasion was less stressful.

the Husband is completely wigging me out. and i don't wig easy.

consider this:

he has mentioned more than once, to have kosher dogs for one of his work friends. the man doesn't eat kosher. he just likes the dogs.

the same non-kosher eating man apparently has a rapier wit. the Husband has said time and again this past week to "be prepared."

apparently during the 12 years Husband & i have been together, he has learned that i am a shrinking violet. a namby-pamby who isn't sarcastic and is afraid to speak her mind.

now if he would also see i am a voluptuous blonde who wears a size 8 and stilettos, we'd be good.

i know what the real deal is: he wants this to be as perfect as possible. it's like getting in with the cool kids and wanting them to like you. he wants them to like him and i can't blame him for that.


i've had a little experience planning parties. i planned our freaking wedding, for gosh sakes!! i research. i plan. i execute. i, in many cases, over plan and overbuy because it's always better to have too much than not enough.

face it: no one bitches if it's good. only if it's bad.

but i'm telling you if i have to hear one more time about a damn kosher dog...well, it's gonna be cooking someplace no one ever thought of before.

you just won't want to eat it.


Anonymous said...

Oh Val, I hope you guys have the best time and I wish I were going to be there. Thanks again for the invite; I'll think of you, momentarily, while at the play! I won't name it so as not to send you into convulsions!

doodlebugmom said...

I am sure the party is awesome. Forget the weenie schmuck! Not worth the worry.