Jul 30, 2007

Monday, Monday.

the Husband and i drove home from dinner last night, wondering for the gazillionth time, why we hadn't been born rich instead of so dang good looking.

i blame our parents. i mean, sheesh - marrying for love?! what the $%*!@$ were they thinking?

but i'm not bitter. i'm letting it go.

Mondays never were my favorite day of the week. i don't mind working most days, and some days i actually enjoy what i do. but again, i find that the older i get, the less i like dealing with the people every.dang.day.

not sure what it's all about. is it because i'm older? am i bitter? do i just hate people? because, Gentle Reader, i'm telling you that if my patience gets any thinner, i'm gonna be the cranky neighbor we all had growing up.

remember? the one that bitched at you from their front door to 'get off my lawn, dagnabbit?!'
well, that's gonna be me soon.

actually, it's really not that i don't like people. i do. it's the dumb ones who either a) just don't get it and don't wanna or b) get it but just don't care.

maybe i need to become apathetic. but i just don't care, either.

in other news...

i'm trying to think of places to go here in Mostly Smoggy So. Cal. (or at least pretty dang close) for a weekend...besides San Diego.

i would so dig a weekend there, but the Husband isn't as hot for it..."why would i want to visit someplace i used to live?"

i say he never lived off the Bay or the ocean. and that's reason enough for me.

and yes, it has to be a weekend, because there's no vacation time for him...at least for his first year.

meantime, i'm looking for the Magic Pill that will change my attitude and make me less cranky.
especially at work.


doodlebugmom said...

I was standing in the shower this morning hoping it was Friday. I am so disappointed.

Melissa said...

See, I would think that living in SoCal would be so cool, that anywhere would make a good vacation spot. Whether you used to live there or not - because there's always something you didn't get to do when you lived there.

For instance - I grew up in/around Memphis, and I never visited Graceland until the day before my wedding, when our friends came in from out of town. It took visitors to get me to go to a hometown attraction!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, Santa Barbara, Solvang, San Simeon (by Hearst Castle), Cardiff (not quite San Diego), Mission Viejo ... lol.

I'm thinking about taking a trip down San Diego way to go to the zoo. Just realized it's been years since I've been there and I don't think the kids have been since they were babies themselves! Care to join us?

Bad mom, bad mom!