Jul 30, 2007

the little hussy.

and for once, not me.

at Husband's work, the receptionist is *ahem* harrassing him.

and he's loving it.

matter of fact, i keep threatening to get him a t-shirt that says "Wife Tested - Recptionist Approved."

so the other day, the Husband decided to show the receptionist his college i.d., back in the late '80s.

she laughed. generally not something you want to hear about your picture.

"you look like a porn star," she said.

by jiminy, she's right. and, if you use the formula we use (we meaning my friends in high school when we were being silly) for his porn star name, he is now Tuna Elaine.

Dirk Diggler was already taken.

in other news....

i actually have planned dinner menus for this week. and went grocery shopping to boot.
tonight: chow mein
tomorrow: ???

hey. at least it's a place to start.


our little Allison is off to a great adventure in Chi-Town. prayers, iffn you please, that she has a safe, fun trip and that Mom gets some rest and doesn't worry too much.

happy Monday.


doodlebugmom said...

Porn star eh?

Oh and I won't worry. She is with her friend, Kayla. Kayla that used to be with a Christian band. And they are going to hang with church friends. At least that's what they told me.

doodlebugmom said...

**Well I wont worry TOO much**

Melissa said...

I used to plan menus - back when we were first married. (At that time, Jason worked at the church and I worked 11-3 at a food pantry.) Funny thing happened though - more often than not, (especially when Amanda lived with us!) even though I'd made out the list, and posted it on the fridge, Jason would come home and want to go out to eat.

And of course, I didn't argue.

That's how I ended up learning to mostly buy frozen food. Less stuff to go bad when we inevitably don't follow "the plan."

Hopefully, you won't have that same problem!

Pat said...

Dern hussy indeed!
At one time I worked in the same place as my hubby (he was a manager and I worked the lunch counter) One day, he and a co-worker came over to have their break together, and she was throwing herself at him big time - right there in front of my face!
(he was clueless, I had to inform him later)
I so wanted to drop her meal on her head and say "there, you want fries with that?"

....oh, and we had pancakes - I didn't want to shop.

smileymamaT said...

I love the fact that he showed her the picture...and she laughed. Nothing like a good-old-fashioned reality check so we don't go around thinking we looked better back in the day. Ha!

Allison said...

Little Allison, eh?

ok, ok, so I got a Happy Meal.