Jul 19, 2007

cranky yankees.

y'know how when it gets really hot/humid/nasty, not only does the temperature goes up, the temperature goes up?

i think that's what's going on here.
except that it's not that hot.

here's a few examples...

yesterday at the 2nd Happiest Place on Earth (aka work), i tried talking to my boss about a co-worker i was having problems with.

in case i never told you before - i'm very difficult to get along with.

my job, at 2HPOE, involves working reports for each directory we publish, ensuring that Graphics, my department, is clear on every section that is being sent to the printer. when i clear my reports, i notify everyone by email. sometimes my job is superhappyfun.

sometimes i want to cut fingers off. one joint at a time. not mine, of course.

i won't bore you with the mind numbing details of dealing with some of the ad designers. suffice to say that sometimes i no like what i do.

yesterday definitely falls into the latter category.

this guy i work with was in my work group, but, as we like to do a couple of times a year, we do a reorganization, move people around under different supervisors.

it's fun.

so, knowing how my boss loves the "chain of command," i went to him to bitch, er....express my concern over how he does his job, which is, clearing a report of ads that are in waiting, in other words, they are waiting to be received into our department.
his job directly effects mine. once his report clears, they go on to my report. so i need to know when he's clear, so i can call for new reports and not be blindsided when i find ads on a report for a phone book that's going to press.

like yesterday.

so, my boss listened to my bitching...er expressions and suggested i go ahead and send my "all clear" email, include this guy on my list, which, he thinks, will jump start him into letting me know i could have new items on my report.

valerie no like. bad medicine.

it only took me a minute, but i actually protested. you see, while i am not a namby-pamby, many times when it comes to work issues, i really try to just go with the flow. not make waves. cooperate. just, not this time.

i told my boss i didn't think i should be responsible for doing this other fella's job, as well as mine. if i mess up on my job, it's my bum that gets kicked.

the same rules should apply.

i have to admit, i was a little surprised that i said it. out loud. to someone who could do something about it. but he agreed and said he would talk to this other fella's supervisor.

we'll see what happens. i really don't hold out much hope that this will change; i've been having the same problems with this fella ever since he's been doing this job.

but a girl can dream.

so. i told you that story to tell you this story.

went over to my parents yesterday after work. and my darling step-pop was cran-keeeee. and i'm not sure why, since it wasn't nearly as hot yesterday as it has been. but oy.

he was snippy. he was bitchy. kids, the man needed several Midol.

now granted, at 81, he has license to be cranky. but when he gets cranky, he gets mean. not physically, but he will say things that, in the past, would make me cry...sensitive kid that i am.

yesterday, i just wanted to take my mom for a mini vacation.
when i left, i had a headache. i can't even imagine what her head felt like.

and in other cranky news...the sunburn i got on my back from Saturday is starting to itch. which means a peel can't be far away.

maybe i'll employ our secretary to skin me. she does live for that crap.

and to end this lengthy prose (if you can call it that), today is my Jourdan's 15th birthday. they're coming down from the High Desert to meet with her grandma for dinner.
the girl wanted a polka dotted cake.
i therefore have made it my mission to get polka dotted balloons AND make a polka dotted card (photos later).

and if i could find a polka dotted shirt to give her, i so would. preferably something from the 80s that was loud & obnoxious.

but i'll settle for a PacSun gift card. i'm sure she will, too.

here's hoping today is less cranky, less peely and more happy happy joy joy.


Steff said...

Despite all the crankiness I'm glad to see that you're still being very generous to others. I like the polka dot theme!

And I hope you're only kidding about letting that chick peel you. Now I don't mind peeling myself but I draw the line at another doing it. Hmm for some reason that sounds so dirty. :s

Anonymous said...

I agree. People are cranky. AND it's so not hot here. If they are cranky now and it's not hot, imagine towards the end of August or early September when it gets mighty toasty.

Let's hope that today is a better day.

doodlebugmom said...

I got to work today, yacked a little with Tom. He headed out. My dh & ds stopped for 10 minutes. The rest of the day no one came in, no one called. I love my job!

Susie Q said...

The hotter it gets the crankier I get. Can I come peel your arm? Can I? Pluuuuueeezzzz? Can I huh can I huh can I huh? I will scratch it too...and then we will eat shrimp that I have kept nice and warm in my car that is parked outside in the sun. Doesn't that keep 'em really well?

The man needs a Midol...you slay me girl. You really do.


Melissa said...

What you need, my friend, is a loofah. Preferably one that's designed to get your back, with little ropes, so you won't have to call your secretary to do it for you.

(This PSA is courtesy of the wife of a fair-skinned redhead who had a similar incident early in our relationship. And you're welcome.)

And a pound of Midol for your stepdad. That should just about take care of things, I'm thinking.

Steff said...

Hey...I know I left a comment because you sent me an email about it. You didn't like it so you didn't want to post it?!

elle said...

Cranky and polka dots must be going around! I sold all sorts a polka dotted stuff today and one polkadot dress even went to a cranky lady.

Does the sunburnpeeling secretary like to pop pimples too?

People never fail to fascinate me! Thank goodness for that because otherwise my life would be really boring...lol

smileymamaT said...

Wow. A hyper-happy skin peeler, a bad pyro, a cranky octegenarian, and a don't-make-waves boss. What's not to love? HAAAAA

Doug Bagley said...

I feel your pain, sister. Nothing chaps my hide more than when I have to do other peoples' work and mine where I'm employed. They should be forced fed spam until they explode!