Jul 1, 2007

another Pleasant Valley Sunday..

it's been a slow news day here in *random thoughts land. no green slime. no police.


last night we headed out to a new BBQ place we found on the 'net. it's kind of our life's work to find some absolutely faboo BBQ that makes us fall to our knees.
(i know, April, we need to go to Texas. perhaps some day...)

this was a small place, perhaps 20 tables with two other people there. it does seem bad, i know, but this place is smack-daub in the middle of an industrial park. we figure they do most of their business in catering and in lunch.

'sides, any place that Elmer Dills likes, must be good.
and it was.

ham and brisket for him. brisket and pork for me. and on the TV, video of guys doing stunts on their motorcycles.
kinda odd. but most entertaining.

a chick behind the counter told Husband they even smoke & BBQ turkeys for the holidays.
i could be all over that.

later, it was Dairy Queen for dessert. we sat on the tailgate eating a Peanut Buster parfait (him) and a French Silk pie blizzard (moi), watching teenage boys trying stunts with their scooters.

don't worry. he didn't pull his scooter out of the truck and try to join them.

just another warm summer's evening.

walking by, on her way in, was a skinny Miss Hottie. i didn't pay attention, but of course he did. and muttered under his breath as she passed.


"i told her that someday she was gonna be old like us."

nice. now i'm old.

because i know you live to know every mind-numbing detail of my life, here's my agenda for today:
* breakfast
* he's going to work for a few hours
* i'm getting a pedicure
that's a Pleasant Valley Sunday.


Anonymous said...

That's as exciting as my Sunday gets, but I one up you. I'm doing laundry. Ooooh, the excitement!

Doug Bagley said...

Sounds like a great day in "Pleasant Valley." We don't have very many D.Qs around here. I miss their dilly bars.

elle said...

doing laundry.........AND windows. And muttering unpleasantries about the local politicians who have cancelled tonights Canada Day celebration fireworks! I mean COME ON! Sheeeeeeeesh!

Valerie said...

oh yeah. i was surprised they didn't do that here, we've been soooooo dry with no rain. i really expected them to say "no fireworks in Mostly Tinder Southern California."