Jul 23, 2007


believe me. the birthday party was the highlight of the last few days. here's some headlines:

  • the Husband tried to put a new horn in his truck. seems he was tired of the wimpy "beep beep" he had. so, on his last trip to a car parts swap meet, he bought a new one. a big-ass, Mack-daddy truck get the *beep* outta my way horn. it didn't fit. gonna look like he's trying to find a new one.

  • coming home from Joanne's yesterday (bought some felt so i can make some flowers..yippee!), i see smoke. black smoke. from our place. not our apartment, but apparently the little arsonist trolls were at it again. in our dumpster. and about ten people including myself called 911. turns out our handyman and a another guy got most of it out before the firemen showed up. unfortunately, Brendan was there, otherwise i would've faked a heart attack. they were quite yummy.

  • i am on a potato chip & french onion dip kick the last few days. not good for my cholesterol, waist line or bum line, but man. it.tastes.goood.

  • yesterday we had breakfast at the Fullerton Municipal Airport. just a little dinky hole, maybe 15 tables, but you had a great view of the runway. especially fun with the families that were there with their small kids, watching their excitement as the planes would come in and take off. and of course, the Husband critiquing - he's had lots of ground school and some time behind the wheel...yoke...stick...whatever you call it. maybe this year will be the year he finally gets his pilots license.

  • cannot believe it's almost August. this year, she'sa flyin' by. my parents will be celebrating their 33rd anniversary on the 2nd. and yes, i was in the wedding and yes, i got into trouble for thinking i was playing baseball and making a diving catch for the bouquet. outside. on grass. still in my bridesmaid dress. it's OK, though...it was yellow and i look like CRAP in yellow.

like i said. i live a boring life. it's a yawner. but if i can entertain you through my dull existence, well...my job here is done.

i'll be a better blogger. i promise.


Melissa said...

That's pretty cool that you can go to a restaurant and see the planes. When I was a kid, we could go to the airport and look out the big windows at the terminal. But no more. Thanks Department of Homeland Security!

(Hope I didn't just get you tagged by The Man!)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I remember when I was younger parking somewhere near LAX and watching the planes take off and land at night. It was such a beautiful sight!

Would you please blog more consistently? I come over here looking for you and you are not here. I worry. I wonder. I think, 'how lazy can she be?'...lmao!

doodlebugmom said...

*guys need big ass horns

*hope they stop the little firebugs before they do some serious damage. If I were you I would be investing in a couple extra smoke detectors.

*yummy chips and dip makes me happy (and chunky)

*When we went to the Twin Cities a few years ago, my youngest loved looking at the hotel room window watching planes come and go.

*Yah! Were did summer go. What's left of ours is shot.

Allison said...

Mmm... Chips and Dip! Love it... I always eat way too much when mom buys some!