Jul 28, 2007

naps are goooood.

really good.

in fact, to paraphrase Master Ben Franklin: naps are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

which, in some cases, can almost be as good as the beer Franklin spoke of originally.

Husband and i got up, ran an errand or two, then came home to settle in for computer/reading time. whereupon we both ended up drooling on ourselves and i ended up with couch hair, where my newly refreshed with color locks resided on the arm of said couch.

great. i have dented hair and dried saliva. i am a catch.

it's been humid here in Mostly Smoggy So. Cal., and, as any resident will tell you, we are soooo spoiled that if (and when) the weather goes above 78-82, we freak. whine. fall to our knees and beseech the deity we worship (in some cases, whatever the religious flavor of the month is) to let it snow. a freak wind blowing down from Alaska.

well, just ad humidity to the equation and we lose our freaking minds.

at least the cat got smart...
yep. sacked out on the cool bathroom tile. i'd join him if only i could be assured i wouldn't end up in one of those damn "LifeLine" commercials.
remember? "i've fallen and i can't get up!!"
with my luck, the paramedics would look at each other and say "it's the O'Mahony broad again. just leave her there till she sobers up."
fools. don't they know the bathroom is nowhere near the liquor cabinet? which is wrong, but that's another post.
in other news...
Cyn was kind enough to accept the bribes, er...donations to her favorite charity and nominate me again for a Rockin' Blogger Girl.
*sigh* awards. they're so shallow. it used to be about the work, man. now it's all about who's got the better agent. wait...what?
sorry. thought we were talking about the Emmys.
seriously. i never won any awards for my writing, and then to get two from girlies that never fail to bring joy to my heart, well...that's just the graham cracker crust on my cheesecake.
so now i tag.....
Steff - as she puts it, she's a happy girl. i say she's her own person and as a teacher, always has some wild stories during the school year. 'sides, her toes are painted cute.
Jenny - probably another extended member of my family.
Quinn - one of my secret pleasures. and now i share with you.
and the best part is, all these girls and the kids i read regularly are ones i would love to hang with. to raise a glass with, whether alcoholic or not, to fun. to friendship. and to life.
after all, it's the only one we get. we might as well enjoy the ride.


Anonymous said...

I like naps. I like kitty naps. I like good long naps. I like sleep. Of course, that's because I don't do much of it. I am an insomniac. *sigh*

Melissa said...

Sometimes, I wish I was a cat. That's a great life - sleep all day, food there for the taking, and only cuddling when you feel like it.