Jul 7, 2007

such sneaky little schmucks.

yes, Gentle Reader, the Eeeee-vil Forces that are out there are finding new and sneakier ways to get spam in my e/mail.

from, let's say, 123postcard.com. "a school-mate sent you a greeting!"
or "a greeting card from a relative!"

well, hell - how did you know they were either a school mate or a relative?

you don't. you sneaky schmuck. don't tease me.

i got caught only once in the last few weeks since they've been flooding my e/box. not because it had a name of someone i knew, but because i thought it was for real. AND it said americangreetings.com. thankfully, nothing happened to our system.

but some i've been getting have attachments...oh boy. THAT'S computer fun for your repair guy!

i asked the Husband if he had gotten any. he didn't know. and he doesn't know because he doesn't check his e/mail, no, it's because he has over a thousand unopened emails in his box.

yep. thousand. 1,000.

if i don't know, i don't open, he says. well, i don't open either, but hey, i at least mark it as spam and delete it!

once, a few months back, i thought i would be the Good Wife and clean up his in box.
good grief. watching a film on the mating habits of the common housefly would've been more stimulation.

pun intended.

i gave up after about 30 minutes. at that point i figured that if, at 47, he doesn't want to clean out his in box, then i don't need to be his "mommy" and do it for him.

'sides, i'm kinda hoping he gets a greeting from a class-mate. or a relative. either way, i'm good.


Susie Q said...

Spam, spam, spam, spam...lovely spam.

Hey! I awarded YOU the award! That is what I wanted to show you!!!!


Anonymous said...

Answer me this. Why have an e-mail address with over 1,000 e-mails if you're not going to read any of them?

Just curious.

chlorinejenny said...

I get lots too. I never open it but send it right to hell where it belongs!

Pat said...

Oh No! I read about that greeting card spam, and it's supposed to be a nasty virus!
Makes you wonder - what kind of person sits around all day thinking up new and more atrocious (sp?) ways to crash our computers?

Melissa said...

(Thanks Susie, for now I shall have that song in my head for some time.)

I've been getting those emails at work, in both email addresses that come to my computers (mine and the general newspaper email.) It took me a minute to figure it out too, but the large number of repeat emails was my first clue!