Jul 23, 2007

holy freaking crap.

sorry for the radio silence. it's been, well....busy and odd.

just not at the same time, thank heavens.

so to start with (and to reiterate), holy freaking crap.
she's fifteen.

and while i know her mom is gonna give me crap for her being in the picture, too stinking bad.
(you wouldn't let me pay for our dinners, your photo ends up on the blog. deal with it.)

and, as we old fogies are want to do, we spent the night reminiscing about when she was a wee one, willing to do pretty dang near everything auntie (and later uncle) would say, sufficiently embarrassing the newly minted 15 year old.

case in point.

on one of our many trips to Disneyland, we were making our way up Main Street. Miss J, was probably about 3...and we were pushing her in her stroller. Crowds had already gathered along the curb, waiting for the parade that was scheduled to come by soon.
and me, being, well..me, leaned forward to J and said, "why don't you blow them kisses."

so she did.

and people waved back.

well, not being one to let things go, auntie said, "tell them 'see my movie.' "
so she did.

and people started asking what the movie was. i don't think i could answer, i was too busy laughing my considerable bum off as Miss J continued giggling and waving and kiss blowing.

then there was her brother...(a harder sell, by the way)

no, he's not channeling aliens, the waiter made him a foil hat. a turtle foil hat.

and unfortunately, he doesn't get HBO. that would be extra.

the Birthday Girl also got a balloon hat. it's an octopus.
because again, nothing says "Happy Birthday" like balloon hats.
so i feel so old. really, really old. Miss J was the flower girl at our wedding.when she was five. heck, her brother was only six months old.
most days, i don't feel any older than ten years ago. on a really good day, i don't feel much older than the girl.
so if i didn't get older, how can it be she's grown up into this stunning blond cutie pie? that i could once get to do my every bidding?
it ain't right. well, not from her standpoint, however...for her, it's one more step to that all important goal: growing up. becoming an adult.
and neither of them would believe me if i told them that it ain't always worth it. *sigh*
happy birthday, sweetie. auntie vowel and uncle consonant (his name, not mine) love you very, very much.
more to come.


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday from down here in Mississippi!

I know about that feeling old thing - a girl who I've known since she was about 8, is now my hairdresser!

Anonymous said...

She's only 15? Wow, they are getting more and more mature! Maybe I'm just getting older and older so everyone else is looking older...

I need help!

doodlebugmom said...

Gee thats quite the birthday hat parade