Jul 15, 2007

sun. sand. surf. spfs.

the 9th annual after a 6 year hiatus beach party is, as they say in the business, "in the can."

today, i suffer from exhaustion and a slight sunburn on my right leg.

it didn't start out well - the Husband didn't fully grasp it when i said that we need to be at the beach early. and that when i said early, i didn't mean 9 a.m.

so obviously, when we got there, there were no more rings. everyone had staked their claim.

you'da thought it was the gold rush.

anywhoooo - i summoned up cahones and asked a groping, er....young couple if we could share a fire ring with them later in the day.

ah - that would be no.
cranky pants. hope you get sand there.
but i'm not bitter. nor do i hold a grudge.

Husband at that point, after grumbling how he "effed everything up." drove to a Target to get a small Weber bbq. and after he left, the Very Nice Lady at the fire ring next to us, Darla, offered to share her ring with us.

nice people do exist.

some of the Husband's friends showed up around noon-one-ish. the sand toys were a big hit, since one of his friends brought his two kids AND two of their cousins. his other friend brought his girlfriend and her 9 year old daughter.

who did nothing but sit and pout. wouldn't eat. wouldn't play. wouldn't even talk. just lay on the blanket under the shade.
i tried to get her to play catch with me.
alrighty then.

we watched the beach fill up.

we watched traffic on Pacific Coast Highway stack up in both directions.

one of the Husband's friends called to say that after spending almost 40 minutes on PCH, they were turned away at the parking lot because they were full.

niiice. they drove all the way from Mission Viejo, about 30 minutes from the beach on a good day, then got stuck and turned away. not good.

we packed it up about 6. oh, and i even sold my four unused cores of wood to another beachgoer.
not too shabby, eh?
i did, however, come home with about two packages of unopened weiners.

any takers?


Anonymous said...

Glad you all had fun.

I'm sorry your sunburned; that's absolutely no fun! I hope it's not too miserable.

Yesterday was a beautiful day! Nice day for the beach. As I'm sure you figured out. lol

Why don't husbands believe us when we say something; why must they fight us every step of the way? Don't they get it by now? We are always right?????

doodlebugmom said...

Well.....I dont know.......are they kosher??


Glad you had a great day!

Suzy said...

Looks like we all love the beach! Glad your day ended up well.

Melissa said...

And I know you're relieved that another party is over an done with!

Those are some beautiful pictures. Makes me wish I wasn't land locked.

Allison said...

I'm feeling the sunburn with you, not so fun!
And aww beach... I love your new header picture :)

Steff said...

Oh that makes my toes itch for the sand in the Caribbean! I can't wait for my trip.

Glad you had fun at your party. And it's nice to know that there are still friendly and polite people out there!

elle said...

It sounds like a great day...um but am I the only one wondering why just your right leg was slightly sunburned?

I vote that if Miss Poutypants comes to the 10th annual after a 6 year hiatus beach party, that you bury her in the sand then force feed her any potential leftover weiners! Kinda like a beach version of pin the tail on the donkey!

Tug said...

I am so very jealous...I LOVE the beach & ocean.

Glad you got to enjoy it a little anyway. ;-)