Jul 8, 2007

little of this...more of that.

ah weekend. thou art too short.

we're finishing up our shopping for our 9th Annual After a Seven Year Hiatus Beach Party next weekend. we had breakfast out, went to a movie (Live Free or Die Hard-quite good...i like Bruce Willis!).

at the movie, i kept feeling a pain in my left bumcheek. i didn't think it was my back issues, they usually hit on my right side. but it was near my hip, so i wondered if my arthritis was getting worse...but it's not winter, so it should be better, and...

great. now i'm sounding like my grandmother.


after a quick potty break, i came back to our seats and viola! instant pain again!
i kept shifting around in my chair...positive that the people behind me were thrilled with my capers. i can't even tell you how many times i felt up my bum, just to make sure that there wasn't a spring poking me. nothing.

i was starting to believe i was the Princess with the pea.

on my last grope, i found the cause of my pain for the last 45 minutes.

my Costco card.

yes, kids, i had my card in the side pocket of my skirt and was being impaled with it.

not the sharpest knife in the drawer, huh?

in other news...the Husband woke up yesterday with some funky blisters on his forefinger. first, i thought he burned himself, then i realized we haven't BBQd since the 4th. so, i'm thinking, it's likely a bug bite. or two. or three.

but will he go to the ER? nooooooooo. are they getting bigger? yesssssssssssss.

but no doctor for him. he's gonna "wait and see."

what is it about guys? they can whine about the least little things, but not do what they need to.

a few years ago, he got another bite. no blisters, but his hand started swelling. and swelling. but would he go to the ER? nope. i finally had to hit him with a brick, drag him into the car and off to ER for shots.

he left a few minutes ago to check out something at work...maybe, he said, he'd go to the hospital afterwards.

boys. go fig.

in other news...i now have some welts on the back of my hand. no bites from critters, just a scratch or two from Elvis, after i inadvertently whacked him in the head. oh, and did i mention i also have a sunburn? on my right arm? my lily white arm?? FROM DRIVING IN HIS TRUCK YESTERDAY?!


and yes, both Buggy White Boy & i have purchased SPF 60 for next weekend. otherwise, we will both look like the lobsters we had a few weeks ago.

complete with green goo.

which will be good, in case the zombies attack Buena Park.


doodlebugmom said...

Aren't you glad YOU didn't go to the er with a costco card stuck to your butt! hehe.

As for the B-man. All men are alike. Deep down they are chicken to go to the Dr. My husband has to be beyond pain to go.

Anonymous said...

I know the pain of sunburn. Had one myself from our last trip to the beach.

MEN! What else is there to say?