Apr 1, 2007

no foolin'

i think it's good to be home.
naah. it's good.

uneventful flight home...well, except for the "dip" the pilot hit on the way home. we did a quarter-turn, then as everyone whooped, the pilot got on the intercom.

that's it...i thought. calm my butt down.

"ooops, " he said.

ooops? ooops?! ain't nothing ooops about that.

a fine time had by all - good to see the sister in law & familia...cousin Marlen from Ireland...heck, it was even good to see the dogs.

and it snowed. but i already covered that.
and i came home to a new TV for the bedroom.

i guess the Husband missed me.

then my friend Mark came down this weekend with his wife...yesterday we all headed up to the Reagan museum..absolutely amazing. then to walk into a room and see a retired AirForce One...wow.
then this a.m. they, us, and my parents met up for breakfast at the always faboo Original Pancake House..ya gotta love German pancakes..with fresh lemon wedges to squeeze and then sprinkle with powdered sugar.


but now, i wish i had one more day off. the Muse is courting at my door and i feel the need..the need to create.

but in the meantime i have over 200 freakin' photos to go through. modify. and print.


Pat said...

I have a sister in Reno - wish I could have been there too!
Welcome home!

Melissa said...

Once I flew to Albequerque, and we had some pretty rough going. As we landed, the pilot said, "Remember, the safest part of your journey is now over."

Not particularly reassuring.

Lissete said...

Oooops??? I would have freaked! I'm not a good flyer. Heck, I only just got on a plane for the first time EVER a year & a half ago!