Apr 18, 2007

the relationship of glass houses to stones...

i am an advocate of one of the greatest inventions know to man.

spell check.

as a former English major, i always enjoyed spelling. usage. just not diagramming a sentence.
but i never claimed to be the be-all, end-all on all things English.


what bugs me is when people kvetch about other people misusing and misspelling words, and they have lotsa misspellings in their website.

like i say, i misspell all the time. but again...those that live in glass houses. i hope i would never diss someone because of their usage, when mine is just as horrible.

hmmph. a complaint.
now i guess i gotta switch my bracelet to the other side.

see what Daniel Webster made me do?


Melissa said...

The only problem with spell check - it doesn't know the difference between words like "too" "two" and "to." Glad to know the proofreaders (GOD, that's my dream job - proofing novels or something) probably won't be out of work any time soon.

On the complaint front - today at lunch, I tried to use the "free carwash code" I got last week when I had my oil changed, and it didn't work. The girl in the gas station gave me another suggestion, and I sat behind a white Mustang for about 10 minutes (!) while she got her wash, only to find out that it STILL didn't work. When I complained that I'd just wasted 10 minutes and made myself late coming back from lunch, Jason said, "It wasn't wasted, you were with Anna Marie and me."

(Sadly accepting my well- deserved kick in the pants.)

Allison said...

Ah, yay for English Majors! I always harass my friends... but then they get me when I ask for help with math...

Steff said...

I am a terrible speller and I'm a teacher! My kids learned early how to use a dictionary...lol. My friend who teaches across the hall is used to me coming across to ask...how do you spell...! So, thank goodness for spell check and the good spellers out there!

doodlebugmom said...

Obviously, you have been reading my writing!