Apr 9, 2007

another Easter miracle.

this is what's left of Scooter.
Scooter is my niece Elizabeth's VW.
or was.
Saturday morning, on her way from my sister-in-law's in Reno to Sacramento, she had a bit of an accident.
girl rolled the car four times before it stopped. thankfully all she hurt (besides the car) was a cut on her toe, and lots of bumps and goose eggs and bruises.
it reminds me how fragile life is, and how close we all came to losing her this weekend.
and that Elizabeth's sister, the now psychic Erin, is a pill.
it seems that before Elizabeth left on Saturday morning, Erin told her to "not crash Scooter, Sissy." and you can only imagine how indignant Miss Erin was when she found out about the accident.
"i told Sissy to not crash Scooter - Sissy just never listens!"
oh but what teenager does. someday you'll be the same way, my love.
oh so thankful that only Scooter was mangled.


Melissa said...

Oh my gosh! As the sibling of two - count 'em, two - who have been in serious crashes in the past two weeks, I'm really glad that your neice is ok. As my dad says - we can get another car. We can't get another "you."

Steff said...

Glad to hear that the only thing seriously hurt was something that could be replaced!

doodlebugmom said...


Glad she is safe. And thanks for thinking of me too. :)

Pat said...

Zowie! Can't believe she walked away unscathed! (and thank goodness!)
...and how amazing that the younger sibling had a premonition!

Jolene George said...

How scary is that??? I'm so glad she wasn't seriously hurt, but I imagine she is feeling pretty achey.