Apr 4, 2007

i shoulda stood in bed.

but i'm not complaining. that would be anti-bracelet.

and remember: if you want one, just email me. i'll send you one.

things are weird at work. not bad, just weird.
my boss's wife is 7.5 months pregnant with their third kid. she's had 7.5 months of morning sickness.

oh, and they homeschool their kids, so she doesn't even get a break by sending them to school.

hey, i've never been pregnant, but have had enough stomach issues and nausa to know that it sucks big time.

no pun intended.

needless to say, the boss is a little distracted.

we got rid of a proofreader in our department. we now have one proofer (who is a contractor, believe it or not) full time and are rotating the designers in our department to help prove.

(that would be proof, not prove. apparently i need a proofer here.)

and we're slammed busy. probably gonna stay this way until after summer.

but being busy is better than being unemployed. i keep telling myself that.

in other news....

over the weekend, i got (or did we get? not sure) a Christmas present from my friend & his wife (remember the clock?) - a SHAG map of Disneyland.

it.is.so.cool. i'll post a picture when i can get one without the flash reflecting off the glass.

i have the muse of creativity living here. i just need to make time for her. living here.
or at least in my craft (read: crap) corner.

now tis time for a small piece of coconut cream pie. happy hump day.

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