Apr 27, 2007

i'll take potpourri for $500, Alex.

watch out: i'm gonna be all over the road without signaling.

just like a good Californian driver would.

on the way to get my tire fixed (i got a flat a week or so ago)i passed a church with this on it's signage: Count Your Blessings Instead of Your Problems.

accurate. but if it were only that easy.

i think because our problems consume us that there's not the same time made to look at our blessings.

face it: are not most of the commercials & talk shows out there focused on solving our problems? honestly, where would Oprah & Dr. Phil be if we did focus on the blessings?

besides out of a job, that is.

it goes along with the Great Social Experiment: no complaining. hard to do, because we're so conditioned the other way.

(lane change)

i met Jerry today at the tire shop. Jerry said hi to me, told me his name, and that he had to go to the bathroom.
Jerry was probably my age physically, and the age of my nephew mentally.

and today, the biggest problem Jerry faced was getting the Coke machine to take his dollar.
Jerry was happy. he had a big ol' smile, some funky suspenders and a bounce to his step that didn't care that he would never progress past the age of 7.

it's all about perspective, kids. and i need to change mine.

(lane change)

oh happy day! i finally got Donny's new cd today - Love Songs of the 70's.
sorry, though...i'm not sure how Will It Go Round In Circles became a love song? oh well.
i guess when i make a record i can afford to nitpick. until then...

oh happy day part two!! Dreamgirls finally comes out on DVD this Tuesday. i'm sure the Husband is shaking his fist at the Powers that Be for this one, and all i can say is get over it.
oh, and Sweetie? damn good thing you put the DVD player in our room with my new TV.
you'll enjoy laying on the bed watching "The Dirty Dozen," whilst i, luxuriate in the recliner with a refreshing beverage and several Kleenex's, watching my girl, Jennifer, rip out her and my heart.
you'll love it in there, baby.

(taking freeway offramp...dang! wrong street. back on freeway)

what have we learned today? probably not much.
i however am looking to change my attitude, regardless of what's going on real or imagined in my life.
Donny rocks.
ditto Dreamgirls dvd.
and it's Friday. 'nuff said, there.

happy Friday everyone!

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Melissa said...

Well said, Val.

And well-traveled.