Apr 20, 2007

what kind of stupidhead...

that's the question of the day, Gentle Reader.

what kind of stupidhead gets a steam burn?


see, the Husband is still at work. so he called and said i should eat without him. and although i rarely cooked for myself, i decided this time i'd do it.

so i fried myself up some Tempura. so-so green beans and really, REALLY good yams and mushrooms. oh and i found tempura shrimp in the frozen food section, and that also was so-so.

but after i steamed some rice, well...i managed to practically stick my finger in the rice after i took the lid off.


you'd think i was trying to keep up with the Husband.

1 comment:

Susie Q said...

Me...I get steam burns. I am the original stupid head. Really. I have papers to prove it.

Love ya,