Apr 30, 2007

seconds, anyone?

helping myself to Tracey's blog, i thought i'd give this another go...'sides, it's good practice to keep my mind sharp by coming up with these things. right? right?
(and if you're bored by this, feel free to change the channel)

Your Name: Valerie
1. Famous Singer/Band: Vince Gill
2. 4 letter word: vice (stop reading into things!)
3. Color: vivid red (come one - it's not my vault my name vegins vith a v!)
4. Street: Ventura Highway
5. Gifts/Presents: video games
6. Vehicle: Volkswagen
7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: visior
8. Boy Name:Victor
9. Girl Name: Vickey
10. Movie Title: Vanilla Sky (thank you IMDB!)
11. Drink: vino (so it's italian)
12. Occupation: vendor
13. Flower: violet
14. Celebrity: Valerie Bertinelli - the New Face of Jenny Craig!
15. Magazine: Vegetarian Times (thank heavens for the internet!)
16. U.S. City: Valencia, CA
17. Pro Sports Teams: Vikings (Minnesota)
18. Fruit: valencia oranges
19. Reason for Being Late for Work: vandalism
20. Something You Throw Away: voided checks (so i'm stretching...v is hard!)
21. Things You Shout: victory!
22. Cartoon Character: Vicky Vale (remember? from Batman?)

oy. i'm tired now. time for a nap.


doodlebugmom said...

oh thank you #4 I needed a song stuck in my head


Melissa said...

Ok, so I was going to suggest you use violet for the color, too!

And, next time they ask for a four-letter word, you could use "veer" if it makes you feel better.

Good thing they didn't ask for a disease. I can think of something pretty nasty that begins with "v."