Apr 8, 2007

almost forgot!

(sorry for the flash brightness...)
i bought myself a bit of a kicky spring bouquet today. i decided i was tired on waiting for Husband to 'surprise' me, and since i am responsible for my own happiness (flowers = happy), i decided to surprise myself.
Husband was surprised too, especially when i told him they certainly were NOT for my mother.
(and before you say Bad Daughter, i did buy her her own bouquet)
flowers make me happy. almost as happy as a coconut cream pie with graham cracker crust.
(and Susie, that is your bear nestled to le posies)


Allison said...

Aw, pretty flowers! I should get a plant or something... I betcha they'd last longer than my goldfish!

Melissa said...

You go Valerie - taking responsibility for your own happiness! Because if you're like me, waiting on that surprise (which will NEVER come, when will I learn?) just makes you increasingly UNHAPPY!