Apr 18, 2007

oh boy. purse par-tayy!!

one of the supervisors i work with invited me to a purse party at his house.

thrown by his wife & little sister.

so off i trotted. and there were bunches and bunches and bunches of them. bunches. all knock-offs of some pretty dang high end purses. Coach. Prada. stuff i've seen in In Style magazine. prices were ok, about $35-40, until you got to the real leather knock-offs.

those were about $200 and up.

and their house was as full of chicks lapping this stuff up as it was of purses waiting to be lapped. some buying three purses.

and myself, being a traditional non-conformist, could find nothing to compare with my Old Navy hobo bag.

and lordy does this bag look like hell. needs washing, really, but i never remember to take all my crap out of it, before i start my laundry.

and did i mention the bag only cost about $18? nice.

in other news...

Brendan's company is moving it's location later this month, and sent out this postcard. made me laugh:
PR1MARY is moving.
The Irvine facility is moving to a bigger, better, bolder, badder, sicker state-of-the-art, so-we-can-put-a-wider-smile-on-your-face location!

dang. i wanna write copy like that. just silly stuff that will get people's attention.

hey - maybe i'll start a blog.

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Steff said...

Okay...test comment!

And I so love purses...well accessories of any sort. Did ya blow your wad? LOL That is one of my favorite sayings...I know...I've got a little perv in me. ;)