Apr 13, 2007

Friday XIII

so today, a black cat crossed my path, i stepped on cracks, broke two mirrors (one while walking under a ladder)

i spat into the wind, spilled salt and spoke ill of my mother.

oh yeah, and i booked passage on some ship...Thai...Tie...Titanic.

wait. actually i don't think it is bad luck to speak ill of your parents. scratch that.
and a black cat crossed my path every dang day. so that's no good.

i did, however, have a horrible, no good, very bad day.

so glad it's the weekend. i would like to believe that as a dazzling urbanite that there's a massage in my future, but i somehow doubt that.

so i'll settle for some coconut cream pie. or a hot fudge sundae..

no nuts please.


Susie Q said...

Unless yu are allergic to those nuts...: )
I am glad to see you looked fear in the face and stared it down. Silly fear...taking on our Val.
Now, let's go get that sundae.

Jolene George said...

I sure hope your weekend is better than your bad Friday. I'd like some banana cream pie please.

Samhains said...

Spitting in the wind is ok..I think thats how bikers clean the bugs out of their eyes....

and if your not in Africa leaning up against some tree, all hungry and staving eating the flys off your face, while Angilina walks past you and adopts the kid next to you....then I think your O.K..I'm O.K..your O.K...we're all O.K...
baby steps to the computer, baby steps to the blog posting...we're all here for you.. :) it's going to be O.K..

Steff said...

Aww, what a terrible day! I hope you got your pie and or ice cream sans nuts and the weekend turned out better!