Apr 27, 2007

thanks Jolene!

i like being tagged...especially by someone so nice!

seven random facts/habits about me. i'm gonna dig deep into the obscure folder, so watch out!

1. i have a pair of large silver hoop earrings that i wear almost every dang day. not being really an ostentatious jewelry kind o' gal, it kinda isn't me. but i love 'em.
2. i was in choir at school and church up until my senior year in high school.
3. my first love was Tim Pederson. if you ever see him, TELL HIM HE BROKE MY HEART!
4. i cannot stand styrofoam. like in cartons, or packaging, not the little fillers. there's something about that sound that puts me over the edge.
5. i had the most fun EVAH planning our wedding. i had so much fun, i even considered starting a wedding consultant business on the side, but realized i had to do what my clients wanted, not what i wanted them to do.
6. biggest punishment i ever got was when i was 5 and snuck into my auntie's bedroom, like a commando, to open up before Christmas a Texaco tanker truck. bad. bad scene.
7. as said 5 year old, my uncle loved to call me Buster. i have no idea why...Buster Brown perhaps? but i would go totally ballistic. well, as ballistic as a little kid would.

i tag you, Gentle Reader. have fun!

1 comment:

Allison said...

You can help plan my wedding. As soon as I find a guy... lol.