Apr 5, 2007

i know what's good for America.

and i'm not even running for office.

wrap your mind around these little tidbits, if you will. and if elected, i promise a chicken in every pot. or a politician in every pot. i forget which is better.

  • American Idol: perhaps you need to rethink your voting policies? come on, when a guy who's super cute (Sanjay, i'm talkin' to you) but his voice isn't that strong keeps getting on week after week? come on.
  • limit anyone running for office to only being able to raise $1000 limit for their campaign. OR....if they have to earn as much as they do, then make them match dollar for dollar donations to people out there actually doing good. or better: create a national health care system for everyone who has none.
  • Dancing with the Stars: come on. are ratings sooo low that you hire Heather Mills notMcCartney just so everyone will tune in to see if her leg flies off? look, i've got a great idea that not only will boost your ratings, BUT do something good for the America media: hire all the schmucks...er, gentlemen claiming to be Anna Nicole's baby's daddy. the winner gets the baby BUT has to donate all that money to the aforementioned national health care system. nuff said.
  • attention all fashion magazines & designers of womens clothing: how 'bout making the standard sizes in all stores, from Nordstroms to Target go up to 18? since the average American woman wears a 14-18, wouldn't it make more sense? think of the millions of women you would make friends with, instead of alienate? not to mention open up the opportunities for shopping we would have.

oh yeah, and i'd also make more leg & bum room on airplanes, lower taxes, legalize something, more rights for women, blah, blah, blah.

vote valerie 2008.


Allison said...

There are so many stores I would shop at if they made my size. But no... so I go spend my money somewhere else. I've recently fallen in love with Vanity :)

Scrapworthy said...

Honey, you've got my vote!

Melissa said...

I am SO gonna vote for you!