Apr 8, 2007

more weird stuff in my in box...

and the hits just keep on coming. here's the amazingly titled gems for Botox or stock suggestions or penile implants that showed up in my email today.

maybe if i got the implant & Botox my stock would go up...literally & figuratively.oh well.

check out this one from Dickson Jane:
Howard asked Cindy if her ass looks as good in person as in the layout.

sheesh, Howard, what do you think? EVERYTHING is retouched.

or these tow from Luanne & Gabrielle, respectively:
revoke and periphrastic
(perry....perryphas....oh the heck with it. it means roundabout.)

dextrose & elution
(elution means to dissolve. in my case into uncontrollable laughter. apparently Gabrielle wants me to make some sugar water tea. SO not gonna happen.)

and Linda wants me to "Just try and convince this quality means and methods."
suuuuuure i will. just as soon as you convince me that you're not talking about the aforementioned Botox, penile implants or stock suggestions.

and although they are a pain, and clutter up my Bulk folder in my email. they do give me a good laugh. first at the horrible, horrible English, then at the absurd notion that i would actually open the bloody thing.

then i stop and consider the possibility that these weren't written by someone in some third-world country.
they could've been written by people i graduated with from high school. let's face it, they weren't too bright there...some were voted Most Likely to be Your Baby's Daddy and even Best Crack Ho.

so let's hear it for higher education. and for "naacp than exhumation, " courtesy of Tamaka.

thanks, Tamaka. you really made me think.

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