Apr 12, 2007

on the cover of the Rolling Stone...

OK, not the Rolling Stone, but People, US Weekly and some other one had Reese Witherspoon and Jake Jyllenhall (or however you spell his last name. i really spell it Y-U-M-M-Y), with a caption of "Why She Fell For Jake."

seriously? you have to ask the question? tell me it's rhetorical and that it hasn't turned into a two page spread because oh.my.goodness.

the boy is just yummy.
she's nothing to sneeze at either.

can you imagine if they did get married...holy Toledo. talk about the world's most beautiful children.

in other news...

retro food week continues in the our household = crescent dawgs. had those lately? sliced hot dog with some cheese in it, wrapped up in a crescent roll.

yum-o. not healthy, not Weight Watchers, but whatever.

let good eats reign.


Phara Thomas said...

How about beanie weenies...sliced up hot dog in baked beans. Makes me want to get on my horse, go to the grocery store, and get the fixins for some s'mores too. (OK, now I need to go poke out my minds eye)

Allison said...

Apparently Jake came to visit campus one year. And I missed it! Dang it.

doodlebugmom said...

Apparently I am old! I have no idea who this Jake guy is


Jolene George said...

yes...beautiful children they would make.
I love cressent dawgs. :o)