Apr 21, 2007

i want an instruction manual.

Gentle Reader, we girls need an instruction manual.

(sorry, guys - while i promise to not mention...you know what, i just should warn you that the following is really more geared to us chicas, not youse so much. sorry.)

when i say instruction manual, i don't mean one that lists:
  • be happy
  • be good to your parents and small critters
  • don't lie
  • don't steal

although for some, that would be a very good thing.

no, my manual will have things in there like:

  • how to keep eyeliner & mascara from gathering under your eye
  • the perfect combo of every eyeshadow for that sultry, causal or work look.
  • the best way to coordinate patterned papers
  • how to find heels that won't kill you when you wear them

oh, i could go on and on. i guess my problem is that although i like being creative, playing with makeup and all that other fun stuff, i just can't think outside the box in a creative way.

i like form. function. a clear cut agenda. i'm black and white in a gray world. a little bit country, a little bit rock-n-roll.

and obviously this world ain't attuned to my way of thinking.

so is it possible to be a bit of a hippie that wants to play by the rules?

dang. i am such a Gemini.


Allison said...

How to use eyeliner would be good too. I just can't seem to get the hang of it.

Pat said...

...and while you're at it, could you include tips on how to apply eyeliner when you're over 40 eyes can't see without glasses anymore? (how do you even get the applicator to bend around the lenses?)
I guess beauty is just not for the blind.

Melissa said...

Yes! I totally agree! I'm happy with my current haircut, but when it comes time to get a new one, I wish I had something to tell me EXACTLY what would look good on me. Same with clothes - I'm trying to get my sister to nominate me for What Not To Wear when I reach my weightloss goal.