Apr 20, 2007

hi - my name's Valerie, and i'm a masochist.

oh yeah. apparently i'm into tormenting myself, and i didn't even know it.

remember this? well, she's having a baby shower next weekend.

i ain't a-going.

but, for whatever reason, i did purchase her a gift or two. and believe me when i say that for all of us who wanted kids but never were blessed with them, walking through the baby section for someone you're not related to is hell.

i can stand buying most of this, but today, i just was angry all over again.

oh, and add another irony log on the fire - she's due around my birthday. my mom, God bless 'er, tries to convince me that first babies are never on time.

nice try, mom. this kid'll be born on my birthday. woo-hoo.

so, in an effort to save my own sanity, i have decided to not attend the shower. i'll bring my gift over to their house this weekend, but i don't see why i have to put up with all the baby shower games - diapering a baby while blindfolded (which i win dang near every time, thankyouverymuch), guessing how big momma is, blah, blah, blah.

see? i get bitter and angry all over again.

an attitude adjustment is necessary. got one for me?

in other news...

what is happening here? first Virginia Tech, then the Johnson Space Center. and here in Mostly Smoggy So. Cal., a high school cancelled classes today because the parents of a child who attended the school has been missing since Wednesday, and he stole some guns and ammo from the parents.

this.ain't.right. makes me want to go to my hermit happy place, and not come down. ever.

well, except to you guys.

Happy Weekend!

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