Apr 19, 2007

15 minutes of fame..the evil version.

my dear Linda was commiserating today about how absurd it is that the schmuck who was so angry & miserable about his own life that he couldn't be satisfied removing himself from the gene pool, he had to take innocents with him.

and with it a little bit more of our own innocence.

i wasn't going to post on the a-hole. schmucks are schmucks and he deserves no more publicity. 'sides, all the TV news shows are WAY more than making up his 15 minutes of fame.

but something bothered me...where's his family in all this?

not that i would want to announce the fact that my child massacred students at their school. but could anyone want to reach out to them? (and not the freaking TV reporters, shoving microphones in their face asking "how do you feel about this tragedy? do you have any words for the victims families?"

sorry. but my prayers lately have not only been for the families who lost children, but for the parents of this young man who allowed himself to get so lost, somewhere along the way.

and before i get too depressing, just a thought i shared with Linda that really made me laugh.

right now, this guy is sitting in hell, on a lumpy sofa surrounded by all the infamous hell has to offer. but instead of getting his jollies by watching himself on TV, he's doomed to watch the same rerun of "The Hudson Brothers Sunshine Variety Hour." over and over and over.

now that, kids, is justice.



Susie Q said...

Okay, only you my dearest Valerie could make me grin while thinking about that young man....of course, it is an evil grin of satisfaction knowing that he has to watch those reruns...ooh. Can we also show him some Pink Lady and Jeff reruns? Nah...that might be TOO evil.
You know, I have had the same thoughts. I heard that the sister was a grad of Princeton and works for the State Dept. The parents are said to be in a hospital....I too have prayed for them. I can;t imagine how this is for them....
We were stationed with people who had lived next door to the Harris Family (Colombine) while Eric was growing up. It was very interesting hearing them relate stories about Eric as a kid and the family's interactions with one another. I guess I just want to know how Cho's family did not know he needed help...did they turn the other way? Did they know he had been sent to a mental facility? I guess all this speculation does no real good now...unless it can help someone else down the road.
But think about it....the Hudson Bros and Pink Lady and Jeff.
Hell is Hell.

Hope you are well sweetie....

Melissa said...

I've wondered about his family too. He's someone's son - and they've lost their child too, but probably won't get the same sympathy as the other parents involved.

Just a sad, sad situation all the way around.

Anonymous said...

I always think about the parents of these 'insane' people. What must they be feeling? What must they be thinking? Are they shunned by society? It's a terrible situation all the way around!

p.s. Thanks for checking out my blog! I love that someone else is from OC! Me too!

doodlebugmom said...

There is a foreign exchange student from South Korea, she had family in the DC area and she was telling my son about the awful backlash for them this week. Anyone that "looks Korean" is fair game for gestures, threats, etc.

What happened on Monday was awful, but what's happening since just sad and ignorant.