Mar 28, 2007

a dignified response.

So in the shower this a.m., the Niece came in to the bathroom, "because i'm cold."

"want to get in the shower with me?" i ask. i mean, at this point, i'm hoping she won't be scarred for life by seeing me nekkid.

sure, she responded (did i mention she was also nekkid?).

so along we went, me finishing scrubbing up and what not, when she pointed at my, um...
neatheregions and asked:

"is that your weenie?" (everyone, whether a girl or boy, has a weenie)

yep, i respond. matter-of-fact, i figure. short quick answers are best.

she then flips at the, down there.

"it sure is furry."

just check your dignity at the door, Gentle Reader. check it at the door.


Melissa said...

A few weeks ago I was undressing in front of Anna Marie. She pointed to my (rather saggy) chest and declared that I was embarrasing her and needed to get dressed post haste.

Jason won't let me live it down.

Just wait until they get to be our ages! We'll see who is furry and embarrasing then!

Valerie said...

that's wrong.

Susie Q said...

Okay, between you and Melissa I am giggling like crazy. Out of the mouths of kids...I have one of those kids here too. Oh how they do a number on one's self respect. Ouch. Mine at least.
Double Ouch.
Have fun in Reno...

doodlebugmom said...

Hmm, I so did not need to know that! lol

Happy weekend!


Steff said...

Oh my...that is funny! What did you say to the furry comment? LOL.

Kiddos...gotta love 'em!